Kind Words

Kind Words

Natalia J.

Medical Doctor, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

I was never one who agreed much upon mixing business with pleasure, so, since Laura is one of my good friends, I thought about it twice before embarking on this crazy journey with her. But she spoke so passionately about yoga, and she led so blatantly by the power of her own example that she never even had to ask, not really. I simply wanted to see what all the fuss was all about. And boy, am I happy to have chosen her as my “yoga guru”.

It was probably one of the top three decisions of the decade, since I ended up not only having fewer sore muscles and more bendy joints, but also diving deep down into my own strengths and weaknesses.

Laura is a true professional, and a perfect guide in this ongoing process of self-knowledge, because, yes, after all, that is what this is all about.

Laura is, honest to God, the most down to earth, easygoing, and yet, strict of teachers. The right combination of knowledge and intuition, she always knows how to push your limits, in such a way that at the end of each session, you realize just how much you needed every single second of it.

If you feel like reconnecting to your body, strengthening your mind and playing a little, whilst also answering all (like really, all) of your questions about the process, Laura is the one for you! She is a master of her trade, and I recommend her firstly because she is one of the few who truly cares about the teachings she so skillfully brings forth and mostly because she is a bad-ass person.

Catalina A.

English Teacher, Bucharest, Romania

To be honest, I was never a yoga fan! I would always choose spending an hour at the gym over a yoga mat. Laura managed to change that.

I've noticed that ever since I started yoga, I recover faster after my gym workouts, and post-workout muscle soreness doesn't last 3-4 days anymore but much less.

I've also learned to take full advantage of my breath, concentrate more effectively, and have more patience in my daily life.

Valentin C.

Entrepreneur & International Trainer, Co-founder of Esio Academy

Bucharest, Romania

Since I started working from home and ventured into entrepreneurship, I no longer have a clear distinction between work time and "me time." This is where online yoga sessions come in, helping me carve out that essential "me time."

Laura, in contrast to other instructors, has demonstrated genuine care for you as an individual, not just as a client. I highly value this holistic approach!

The sessions are never dull; they focus on a diverse range of complex movements that stimulate both the body and the mind.

Any sports enthusiast can discern that each yoga class follows a well-structured plan. I participate in 2-3 yoga sessions every week, and during this time, we target all parts of the body. The exercises change frequently enough to prevent monotony but not so often that you don't have time to become familiar with them. You can witness progress as you become more flexible, stronger, and emotionally balanced.

I hold a master's degree in kinesiotherapy, and while I could elaborate on numerous positive aspects of Laura's approach, I prefer to let you experience it for yourselves because the results will convey more than any review!

Thank you, Laura!

 Eliza C.

Product Manager, Bucharest, Romania

I've been practicing yoga for more than 2 years. When Laura asked me how yoga feels in my body, she actually made me evaluate myself. I tried to objectively describe my journey in the past years, from a person who had never practiced to a weekly subscriber. I see significant differences both in the shape of my body and in my attitude and life perception.

I used to be a workaholic person, living in a high level of stress and agitation, unable to relax my body or mind. I wasn’t prepared to give up such a life, as I was so passionate about my job that I didn’t even notice when it became my daily routine.

Then Laura reappeared in my life (we are ex-primary school mates), and she started talking about how to enjoy life, take things easier, and allocate more time for yourself. I listened because she has her own magical way of saying it. Then I listened again, and again.

Then I tried a class with her, more out of curiosity. It felt different. It was one of the few moments I had the luxury to use time only for myself. But why call it a 'luxury' when this should actually be a way of life? Then I realized I was missing myself. And the people around me were missing me, although we lived together.

So I started with more classes, discussions but, most importantly, listening. So, Vibe and Glow is true as long as you listen and allow yourself to embrace the change. It comes with an awesome body and a healthy mind!

Thank you, Laura, for showing me your sparkle, your determination, your consistency, and your friendship.